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NURI Telecom has researched energy, IoT, and smart-city technologies since 1995 at its own corporate research center. Through 27 years of research, it has achieved technological competitiveness and many advantages. Nuri Telcom own wireless and landline communication technology to respond quickly to the rapidly changing business environment.

Furthermore, we continue to invest in research and development of new technologies that reflect current trends. Nuri Telcom own more than 60 patents and numerous international and domestic technology certificates, which speaks to our outstanding and reliable technology, as well as the broad range of our applications.

NURI Telecom has earned over 70 certificates for technologies related to AMI

Since 1998, NURI Telecom has been the leader of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solution development usingcommunication technology. Starting with AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), it has achieved numerous technological certificates (CE, FCC, KC), including over 70 international and domestic patents.

The AMI system is a necessary technology that goes beyond the Smart Grid and IoT to fully embody the 4th industrial revolution. NURI Telecom is the pioneer who introduced the AMI system in Korea. Since 1998, when it developed Korea’s first AMR system, NURI Telecom has been the leader in the Korean AMI market and related technology.

What is AMI?

AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) refers to remote-control solutions that collect, manage, and perform use-analysis, and measure the amount of energy used every day for items such as electricity, water, and gas.

NURI Telecom’s SW-based AMI technology is applied widely in the Korean IT sector. It is also being applied to e-IoT communication infrastructure and DAS (Distribution Automation Systems), which is a project sponsored by the Korea Electric Power Corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions.

A system infrastructure that can create new services (Biz-model discovery, R&D, marketing) by using big data, statistics, and diagnosis using an AMI platform and communication network by installing various smart sensors. 

DAS is an integrated system that remotely controls, monitors, and collects information (operation status, power/circuit, fault status) of distribution facilities via communication devices. 


Korea’s first commercialization of an AMI system

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