“AiMiR AMI has permitted us to create pricing policies based on time interval usage. That was not possible before with mechanical meter reading. Also, we can now constantly monitor electricity usage, and AiMiR immediately notifies us of abnormal activity so that we can immediately take corrective action. This permits us to maintain high quality service to our customers and avoid costly electricity losses.”
Kim Kyoung Soo, Sales Operation Manager | Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) | Seoul, Korea


Headquartered in Seoul, KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Corporation) is the leading energy company in South Korea. KEPCO has been associated with the growth of Korea’s energy infrastructure for over 119 years. It is highly respected for its role in the evolution of South Korea into one of the most spectacular economic success stories. It provides electricity primarily to industrial, commercial, and residential customers, as well as to educational, agricultural, and street lighting customers.

KEPCO serves over 180,000 C&I customers with peak demands of more than 100kW. Looking at it from a dollars and cents perspective, that number represents more than 50 percent of KEPCO’s total revenue, although it’s less than one percent of its total customer base.

KEPCO’s goal is to provide abundant electric power and to develop high quality and reliable power resources to South Korea’s mushrooming businesses and households. As a result of that growth, there is dramatically escalating demand for energy.

KEPCO’s management realized early on that its energy operations based on antiquated analog meters and manual meter reading was posing severe problems in a number of ways. At the top of the list were non-optimum business process efficiencies and distribution asset management, resulting in less than adequate customer service and lost revenues. Customer billing information was not as accurate or comprehensive as KEPCO wanted it to be. The maximum number of meters a meter reader could read was seven a day because it was physically difficult to visit many customer sites. Meanwhile, KEPCO’s operational costs were constantly jumping to higher levels. In addition, there were the large organizations of meter readers – personnel that KEPCO felt could be re-trained to make greater customer contributions. In short, KEPCO sought to enhance its customer service and streamline its energy operations by building a new high performance automatic metering system.

KEPCO sought the guidance and expertise of world-renowned Nuri Telecom to find ways to significantly automate energy operations for its C&I customer base.

Limited functionality of communications systems, a labor-intensive and inaccurate process of physical meter reading, increasing customer complaints, escalating non-technical losses, and non-optimum business process efficiencies and distribution asset management prompted KEPCO to investigate a new high performance automatic metering system to overcome these problems.

The solution was to implement Nuri Telecom’s end-to-end AiMiR C&I AMI communications system. Nuri worked in tandem with KEPCO to scope out and carefully define the issues KEPCO faced. Nuri designed a flexible solution that allowed KEPCO to remotely and periodically collect metering, power quality, and efficiency data from its 180,000 C&I customers throughout the country.

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