Nuri Telecom to Provide AMI & Energy Management Systems for the World’s Largest Smart Grid Test-Bed Project

NURI Telecom will be providing AMI and Energy Management systems along with smart energy meters for the Smart Grid test-bed project in Jeju Island, a self governing province of South Korea, as a consortium partner of KEPCO (Korea Electronic Power Corporation).

The Jeju Island Smart Grid project is a $58 million (64.5 billion KRW) Korean government initiative to build the world’s largest Smart Grid community to test and demonstrate the viability of thesmart grid. This will be done through a consortium of companies including SK Telecom, LG Electronics, Hyundai Heavy Industries and national utility Korea Electric Power Corp., or KEPCO. It is the Korean Government’s 20 year vision to see its $58.3 billion electricity market connected in a smart grid and to win 30 percent of the global smart grid market (estimated between $20 billion to $160 billion) for its home industries. The deployment of smart grid will save the country about $10 billion a year in energy import costs and will reduce the country’s CO2 level by 30%.

Nuri Telecom’s AiMiR AMI and AiMiR Home and Building Management technology will provide both consumers and utility providers on the island with real time metering and energy consumption data.This will empower customers with the ability to make energy efficient decisions while allowing utility providers to streamline energy creation and distribution using real time energy usage data.

Upon successful demonstration of the Jeju Island Smart Grid test-bed project , South Korea will begin to build a smart grid across major metropolitan areas on the mainland. This will mark the second stage of the Smart Grid project, with an estimated project completion date in 2020. Once this stage of the project is complete, South Korea will launch the final stage of the Smart Grid project, which is to build a nationwide Smart Grid with an estimated completion date in 2030

The JeJu Island smart grid project consists of five sectors:

  • Smart Power Grid System:
    A smart and interoperable grid system with automatic grid protection and recovery
  • Smart Place System:
    A two way communication system between the utility and customers with automatic Energy Management to improve energy efficiency
  • Smart Transportation System:
    Aimed at charging infrastructure for the Electric Vehicles Service System
  • Smart Renewable System:
    A large scale renewable power generation Infrastructure (solar, wind, bio, waves, etc.) with integrated large power storage devices
  • Smart Electricity Service System:
    Development of various pricing schemes and consumer power trading
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