Holograms are set to disrupt visual communication as we know it & HYPERVSN is leading the Revolution. Our integrated system allows users to create, display & manage 3D visuals, which resemble holograms floating in mid-air. Breakthrough holographic hardware meets the HYPERVSN CMS to produce truly awe-inspiring 3D


A new generation LED-based Device that produces exceptional 3D holographic visuals


A set of software tools to seamlessly manage HYPERVSN Devices & their 3D content


Easily create, select or order the perfect 3D content for your brand or business using HYPERVSN services.

Explore the entire HYPERVSN product range to find a holographic solutions that fits your needs best. Remember: there is always an option to rent for event first to see the magic of 3D holograms in action.


3D holographic display of 22’’ or 30’’

A compact 3D hologram can be used on its own or as a part of a decoration. Menu board, window shop, digital signage in hotel or office lobby are just a few application examples.


3D holograms from 54’’ to huge

Impressive 3D visuals of almost any size work great as a decoration in a window shop or in the lobby of a train station, airport, HQ. Obviously, Walls will do wonders for your booth at trade shows.

HYPERVSN Accessories

For mounting and protection

HYPERVSN 3D displays can be attached to solid walls or wooden/metal backwalls. If unable to place 3D displays out of reach - use transparent enclosure. We created a set of ready-made mounting and protection options.

What makes HYPERVSN system revolutionary?

Ability to create 3D content on your own

3D Visuals produced (at 670 RPM) by HYPERVSN's four-ray Device at such high resolution they appear to be holograms

Consistent quality: even under bright light, extreme temperatures or behind glass

Hyper-visual color with over 16 million hues of high brightness

Image size choice and configuration

Medium size images up to 56cm with one device

Larger visuals of almost any size with a wall of multiple units

Multiple options and configurations to fit your exact needs

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Ability to create 3D content on your own

Create or customize 3D holographic content via a simple tool that requires no special design skills

Edit as many times as you need, preview and quickly upload high-quality 3D videos to the holographic display via user-friendly interface

Use rich 3D Content Library to create your masterpieces

Advanced managing and planning functionality

Manage multiple devices across different locations

Control your system users and their access

Increase efficiency with our digital media management, planning and analytics

Enjoy perfect user experience with seamless integration of all system components


System is quick and easy to set up

Basic tools and ability are enough to install the device

The whole system is set up easily with our step-by-step guides

Devices are automatically synchronized in multi-unit systems

Can be installed almost anywhere indoors, is easy to disassemble and highly portable, weighing only 2.8kg

HYPERVSN is a trusted & highly secure system

Secure connection of Device & platform prevents unauthorized content replacement.

All Device content is cross-checked & certified before it can be displayed on a HYPERVSN unit.

Malware cannot access Device as it only accepts signals from HYPERVSN's management platform.

Content can only be uploaded via HYPERVSN's management platform, eliminating all suspicious sources of content.

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