International Property Show
(IPS Dubai 2022)

MARCH 24 TO 26, 2022

 Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai City, UAE

The International Property Show (IPS Dubai 2022) is an exhibition and conference dedicated to the Real Estate and Property Industry, introducing real estate investment opportunities and the latest developments in the real estate and property industry presented by Real Estate Developers, Local Property Development Companies, Financial Institutions, Economic Development Authorities, Architects and Interior Designing Companies, Real Estate brokers, Urban Planning Companies, Engineering and Consultancy Companies, Environmental Technologies for Green Buildings and Information Technology Providers.

The International Property Show (IPS Dubai 2022) brings together attendees from the real estate sector, including real Estate brokers, developers, institutional investors and private investors from the Middle East, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Get a glimpse of what awaits you!

  • Attain exclusive deals and lucrative offers
  • Attend the show in a safe and secure digital environment
  • Benefit from reduced participation cost by saving on travel, accommodation, transport and more
  • Learn the latest news and insights into the property market
  • Connect with titans form the industry by live chatting opportunities
  • Don’t worry about missing out on any live session as you can replay the session from the auditorium

IPS Partners and Sponsors 2022


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