VR Leaps into the Disruptive Phase

In 2016, combined venture investments in VR, AR, and mixed reality (MR) exceeded $1.25 billion. In 2019, that number increased more than 3X to $4.1 billion.
And today, major players are bringing new, second-generation VR headsets to market that have the power to revolutionize the VR industry, as well as countless others.
In this blog, we will dive into a brief history of VR, recent investment surges, and the future of this revolutionary technology.
Let’s dive in…

Sweden Goteborg

“Goteborg Energi AB is a leader in adopting new technologies that improves energy delivery. We chose and successfully deployed Nuri’s AiMiR AMI/AMM solution for our entire city of 270,000 customers to help foster that leadership.  “

Spain's Gas Natural Group

“We wanted a modern invoicing system that would keep both the Lorca and Mula residential customers and ourselves happy. Now we have it. We’ve surpassed our initial expectations. The new Nuri Telecom AiMir remote meter-reading system makes Gas Natural’s gas measurement among the most technically advanced in Europe.”

Korea's KEPCO

“AiMiR AMI has permitted us to create pricing policies based on time interval usage. That was not possible before with mechanical meter reading. Also, we can now constantly monitor electricity usage, and AiMiR immediately notifies us of abnormal activity so that we can immediately take corrective action. This permits us to maintain high quality service to our customers and avoid costly electricity losses.”

Korea's Jeju Island Project

“NURI Telecom will be providing AMI and Energy Management systems along with smart energy meters for the Smart Grid test-bed project in Jeju Island, a self governing province of South Korea, as a consortium partner of KEPCO (Korea Electronic Power Corporation).

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