Smart Factory Solution Provider

Types of Auto Identification

Offer solutions for clients and corporations in the areas of logistics/distribution/assets/healthcare to provide efficient management.

Expected outcome

Reduced work hours

Reduced work hours

Increased work efficiency

Reduced price and operation costs

Reduced inventory

HR management

Increased production

Completion of orders

Customizing & Consulting

Solution & Service

We provide the best solutions and services from our years of experience in commercialization of various other solutions and know-how in automatic recognition equipment, such as barcode and RFID (electronic tag) technology.


We offer customized consulting that provides solutions that can be applied immediately and efficiently to a client’s current system and process to attain the goal.

System Construction

We build the best system by considering various field factors that can affect the system, and by working together with clients.

Technical Support

We support and guide the technological aspects in the field by dispatching professionals with years of know-how and experiences

Expected outcome

Increases the efficiency of the company via professional, systemic, industrial IT infrastructure consulting.

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