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ShaikhTech is a technology company involved in the provision of software and hardware solutions in the following areas: COVID resilience/emergency response solutions, remote work solutions, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, smart grid and green building solutions, renewable energies (photovoltaic solar, wind, geothermal). 

Our view is that as the world moves toward greater automation and mobility of the work force, new technology solutions will need to be designed to enable the future of work. In terms of IOT, remote monitoring and sensing and control will play a large part in the interaction with technology systems. AI will go beyond automation solutions and provide deep insights in business intelligence to inform decision making at all levels of an organisation.

OUR mission

The COVID crisis also presents its unique challenges and therefore provides opportunities to leverage technology to increase health and safety within organisations, but beyond in hospitals and schools. Energy also represents one of the most important business challenges of this century and ShaikhTech is committed to delivering state-of-the-art energy management and generation solutions to address the challenges of tomorrow. 

our vision

It provides solutions for Smart Grid technologies including AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) and renewable energy infrastructure deployments such as solar technology. ShaikhTech energy solutions improve efficiency, measurement and control, thereby reducing financial costs and environmental impact. ShaikhTech’s vision is to leverage emerging technologies for large scale social impact and sustainable development globally.

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