About ShaikhTech

ShaikhTech is a technology company involved in the provision of software and hardware solutions in the following areas: covid resilience/emergency response solutions, remote work solutions, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, smart grid and green building solutions, renewable energies (photovoltaic solar, wind, geothermal). 

Our view is that as the world moves toward greater automation and mobility of the work force, new technology solutions will need to be designed to enable the future of work. 


Capture, share, and collaborate in immersive 3D

All-in-one 3D data platform is trusted by thousands of companies around the world to accelerate productivity, decision-making, and cost-savings.
Explore these helpful tools, templates, marketing tips, and training guides to get started, and elevate your craft using Matterport.


Through research in nanotechnology, we develop and patent the world’s most advanced antiseptics and disinfectant portfolio. 


Commercial and residential window solutions offer a plethora of benefits, ranging from energy savings to decorative enhancements. At SolarTech, we provide effective solutions to fit your budget and timeline.


Sterilization Robot

It is an intelligent disinfection autonomous mobile robot which sterilizes a wide range of environment through ultraviolet radiation and spray of ultra-dry sanitizing liquid.


Robots/ROS Software

The famous domestic and international robot manufacturers, and established a research and development team to provide better product sales and services, and is a high-tech robot industry based on the Robot Operating System (ROS).

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